Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Arashigoto Mako

Scott was commissioned to make this knife for a law enforcement officer/knife tactical instructor. Arashigoto is Japanese for "hard work", and this knife was designed specifically to withstand the beating a police officer can deliver in a day or night's work. It is a Tanto style tactical and looks like a mako shark - hence the two names.

This Arashigoto Mako was hewn out of 01 tool steel, has black linen micarta scales and a black Kydex sheath with Tek-Loc clip. It can be carried upright, inverted or horizontal (left or right).

The knife weighs 7.5 ounces, is 8 1/2 inches in total length and the blade is 3 3/4 inches long. I did not taper the tang on this one to give it extra heft for a butt strike, and I filed 20-line per inch checkering in 3 areas on the knife (two on the back, and one underneath) so that it grabs the hand and doesn't let go. The sheath/knife fit is very positive on the Arashigoto Mako as well, to prevent the knife from accidentally breaking loose when worn inverted position.

Arashigoto (hard work) Mako with Kydex sheath and Tec-Loc clip (includes USPS Priority Shipping anywhere in the continental US) - $275 Taking orders now!

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