Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Thorn

A "Thorn" by your side is preferable to a thorn in your side.

The Thorn is Scott's latest creation. Hand forged out of 5160, cord wrapped and dressed in a custom Kydex sheath, this little knife weighs only 4 ounces altogether! I've claimed this Thorn for myself (am wearing it as I type this and barely know it's there), but other Thorns can be made to order. My Thorn has a tan cord wrap dipped in polyurethane for durability. Green, tan and black cord wrap are immediate options and other colors could be made available for an additional price. Kydex sheaths are available in green and black.

The Thorn - $160*  Length - 7 3/4 overall; blade 3 3/8

*All prices include insured USPS priority shipping anywhere in the contintental US. If interested contact We accept money orders and paypal.

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