Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love that CruForge V

Scott starting experimenting with CruForge V recently, a new bladesmithing steel from Crucible. The EMc that he made for his son last month was his maiden venture with CruForge, but over the holidays Scott made 5 more CruForge blades - 2 Bushman, a Bushmaster, a Native and a Pygmy. The Bushmaster (not quite finished, but ready for testing) is pictured below.

We had a wet snow a couple of days ago that broke trees and laid several branches on our electric fence. Today was clean-up day, so Scott put the Bushmaster to the test, and I caught the action on film. Note that the Bushmaster doesn't have a proper handle yet, and had not been finish-ground prior to the test. Although the knife looks rough, the results were amazing. I'll show you what we had to deal with first.
Scott chopped through approximately 75 wax myrtle limbs before performing the shave test, then hacked through a large downed tree on our path without damaging the blade at all. Gotta love that CruForge V! Scott has never had a knife that could do what this CruForge V blade did today. It chopped through a 4 gauge copper wire twice, a steel irrigation pin flag once, brutalized a deer antler, and beat up an epay railing before we took it out of the shop. This stuff is amazing.

Scott says, "You need a Bushmaster for the same reason you need a .375 H&H Magnum . . . because you never know when that bull rhinoceros is going to come charging through your front yard." Happy hunting!

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