Saturday, October 22, 2011

EMc and Two Knife Shoulder Holsters

Finally, after a long hot summer of tree work and issues with our heat-treat forge and quenchant, Scott is back at the forge. First, he finished a commissioned EMc started a few months ago, then the Copperhead sold, and he crafted shoulder holsters for both knives. Check 'em out.

This EMc ("Every Man Carry") got a full Japanese Ito wrap over ray skin, was crafted from CruForge V, and has a hammer-marked, belt-finished, "rustic" blade (our favorite working man steel and finish). This blade is headed to a very patient customer in British Columbia. Thank you Kevin!

This EMc came with our GHF custom Kydex shoulder holster. The holster is secured via a belt loop, and the knife can be removed from the holster and worn on a belt with a Tek-loc clip.

The Copperhead below, which is also a CruForge V creation, got a custom kydex shoulder holster of its own and is on a plane to Afghanistan via Canada.

Yeah, he put the straps on before it shipped:)

Thanks guys. You Canuks are great!
Guinea Hog Forge

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