Thursday, May 31, 2012

Steampunk Sword Cane for Blade Show

Scott decided to do something fun and different for the 2012 Blade Show.
Check it out. It's a Steampunk Sword Cane.
Every bladesmith has to make a sword, but Scott just couldn't follow the norm.

Steampunk Sword Cane
Steel: 1080/15n20 pattern welded steel
Finish: Hand-sanded, etched, and Parkerized
Cane: Patinaed copper with fileworked bronze spacer
Scabbard: Wood with Damascus throat

The copper swirls provide indexing and decoration.

No, Scott doesn't get out of the boots much.
Heck, with Blade on the horizon, I barely let him out of the shop.

The Damascus throat adds beauty and gives two
Rare Earth Magnets purchase when the sword is sheathed.
Don't ask about the thumb. It's a painful subject:)

Hope to see you at Blade - Table 21 R.

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