Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kitchen Cutlery for Christmas

Scott knocked out some kitchen cutlery just in time for Christmas. Check it out. 

Three General Kitchen Utility knives with 4-inch blades. The handles are as follows: African Blackwood at the top; Desert Ironwood in the middle; and maroon Micarta at the bottom.

Steel: O1
OAL: 9 inches
Blade Length: 4 3/8 inches

 One 8-inch French Chef with Desert Ironwood handle. Check out that grain pattern!

8-Inch French Chef
Steel: 01
OAL: 14 1/8 inches
Blade Length: 8 1/4 inches

A trio of paring knives with 3 1/2 inch blades. Desert Ironwood at the top, black Micarta in the middle, and Cocobolo at the bottom. 

3.5-Inch Paring
Steel: 01
OAL: 8 1/8 inches
Blade Length: 3 1/2 inches

Happy Holidays from Guinea Hog Forge!

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