Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Bamboo Forest - A Yanagi by E. Scott McGhee

The Bamboo Forest is a yanagi Scott recently made for a local sushi chef, and the name refers to the textured hammer marks Scott added to the upper portion of the beveled side of the blade.

While the right hand side is beveled to provide a wicked sharp edge that can be maintained with a water stone, the left side of the blade is concave to reduce sticking while slicing.

The Bamboo Forest
Steel: W2 with hamon
Style: Yanagi
Overall Length: 455 mm
Blade Length: 310 mm
Spine Thickness: 4.5 mm
Width at heel: 34 mm
Handle: African Blackwood & Curly Maple
Fittings: Mokume ferrule and buttcap

The blade is complemented by a traditional Japanese wa handle made of African blackwood, curly, a mokume ferrule, and matching buttcap.

To eat some amazing sushi and watch this knife in action, 
visit Chef Lee at the Bento Box in Wilmington NC.

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