Friday, May 23, 2014

Sword Cane Update 2014

So, we're guessing you've figured out what the shop squirrel is up to by now . . . yep, it's another sword cane for Blade Show. Just like last year, this cane will have a carbon fiber shaft which Scott creates out of four layers of carbon fiber sock.

The socks are placed over a mandrel coated in wax, and each sock is coated in epoxy. 

 Heat shrink tubing is used to compress the carbon fiber around the mandrel 
making it tight and smooth.

Later, after four applications of automotive clear coat and several sandings, 
the carbon fiber shaft glows.

Moving on, Scott received this stainless steel pipe from the Amazon Fairy yesterday.

And turned it into a really nice ferrule using a metal lathe at 
Chris Williams' (aka Wilmont Grinders) shop.

Chris has a lots of fun toys, one of which Scott used to transform the color of the blade. 
What was once silver . . . 

. . . and clearly not frightening to the cat . . . 

. . . is now a wicked shade of blue. 

Now, where is that cat? 

Blade Show Table 13P

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