Sunday, August 17, 2014

Puma with Interrupted Quench Hamon

August has been the month of the Puma. Scott has made four so far, all with hamons, and he has one more to go. Here's the latest - a Puma with curly Koa handle and interrupted quench hamon.

Scott typically creates hamons via the clay method which is relatively fail-safe, but he just had to create one via an interrupted quench to try the process and test the results. Here's how it works - the knife is nearly final ground, brought 1460 degrees with this steel, and then soaked. Next, it is quenched for approximately one second, withdrawn from the quench for 1-2 seconds, and then plunged back into the quenchant until the blade is around 400 degrees. It is an exciting heat treat process that usually involves a lot of smoke and fire, and results in a very organic hamon. See what you think.

The unnamed side got the most "clouds".

Nice koa!

Thanks for looking.

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