Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cowboy Gun Gets a Makeover

Scott loves firearms - shooting and refining them. Four years ago on his birthday, he gave himself a cowboy gun - a Rossi 92 45 Colt. Over the past few years, Scott has made some modifications to the Rossi. It's now a 454 Colt, has a custom bullet mold, a shorter barrel (thanks Arnold), the metal has been refinished, a recoil pad added, and - most recently - Scott made a new stock for it out of curly maple. See what you think.

He even made a custom site slot filler out of Damascus. 

Here are a few pictures taken soon after Scott got the gun. 

Scott tried several stains before finding the right one for his new stock.

Fitting the butt stock.

Fitting the forend.

Newly Parkerized parts.


That's quite the transformation.

A happy man and his new truck gun.

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