Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Piranha Frenzy

A knife frenzy has erupted in the shop, and the Piranhas are especially active. Three different Piranhas will be featured in the Village of Yesteryear at the NC State Fair this year (Oct 12-22) - Damascus with Battleship Teak, O1 with Battleship Teak, and O1 Barebones Blackout.  

Damascus Piranhas
Steel: 15n20/1095 Damascus
Overall Length: 6.125 inches
Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Handle: Teak from BB-55 (aka Battleship USS NC)
Sheath: Lined Kydex

Damascus Piranhas with teak handles made from BB-55 decking are everyday carry knives with bling. The bling comes from forge-welding two different carbon steels into a billet, crafting them into a knife, then marrying that knife to reclaimed decking from the Battleship USS-North Carolina. 

O1 Tool Steel Piranhas
Steel: O1 Tool
Overall Length: 6.125 inches
Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Handle: Teak from BB-55 
Sheath: Lined Kydex

Our O1 tool steel Piranhas with BB-55 teak are more subtle in beauty than their Damascus brothers but are just as wicked sharp. History and performance in a small package. 

And for the minimalist who prefers a stealthy package, 
the O1 Barebones Blackout Piranha is hard to beat. 

 This all tool steel Piranha (no scales) is blackened to darken the steel and help prevent corrosion. While not a Battleship Blade like the other two, the Barebones Blackout deftly demonstrates a method used on battleships to protect the guns from corrosion at sea - Parkerization.

All three of these special Piranha models come with a lined Kydex sheath. 

Three great knives, one talented mastersmith and designer. 
The Guinea Hog Forge Piranha by E. Scott McGhee - little knife, big bite.

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