Thursday, October 7, 2010

From Bantam to Bushman

Meet "The Bushman" - Scott's new EDC (everyday carry).

Hand forged out of 5160 tool steel
Recurved blade
Cord wrapped handle plasticized for durability
Kydex sheath
Total length - 10 inches; blade length - 5 1/4 inches
Weight with sheath  - 9.1 ounces; knife only - 5.7 ounces

Scott is an arborist, and he hand-forged the Bushman to be his new work knife. For over a year Scott has carried a knife we call The Bantam with him to work. Tree climbing, prying off bark, digging in trees, cutting rope, laying in the dirt, sweat, sweat and more sweat have put a lot of miles on the Bantam, but the knife has handled it fabulously. It's a bit stained and pitted, but the Bantam still out performs any knife Scott has ever owned. And while the Bantam is still a great knife, after a year of producing hand-forged knives for others, Scott started craving something new - something a bit more graceful.

Wow, what a difference a year makes!

The Bushman is very strong and very light (5.7 ounces without the sheath), has a recurved blade and a hammer-marked finish. At home being banged around in a tree or ground into the dirt, this knife is as rugged as a bushman of the Kalahari. Now if you dropped one of these out of an airplane into the bush, the native who found it would probably be pleased and not assume that The Gods Must Be Crazy.

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