Monday, October 18, 2010

Knife Shoulder Holster

Scott likes to wear bib overalls during the cooler months, but has been frustrated about where to carry his knife on his bibs. To address the issue, Scott designed and built a knife shoulder holster.

This version attaches to a button on the right side of the bibs, but with a quick strap change the knife shoulder holster can be threaded over a belt and worn with pants. This way you can carry your knife discretely under a jacket.

The Kydex portion of the holster is attached to the Kydex sheath with a single Chicago screw so the knife and sheath can be easily removed from the holster and reclipped to a belt.
Buy a Guinea Hog Forge knife and Scott can built you a custom leather or Kydex shoulder holster.

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  1. Cool man, way to make stuff yourself!!!

    Semper Fi-