Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bladesmithing Class

Scott just returned from a 2-week bladesmithing class at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC with ABS Master Bladesmiths Jason Knight and Burt Foster.  He had a great time, learned a ton, managed to bang out several knives and is now a year closer to becoming an ABS Journeyman bladesmith. Some of the knives were destroyed during class to examine grain structure and test for evidence of proper heat treating. Below are the knives that Scott will be finishing in the coming weeks. If you see any that you might be interested in, email us to discuss handle, finish options and pricing.

The fire marshall shut down the school's gas fired forges the week before the class so the students worked over coal.

ABS Journeyman and aspiring mastersmith Adam DesRosiers demonstrated his talents at the forge during the class.

ABS Master Jason Knight fell in love with Scott's "Bushman" knife and new shoulder holster rig. Jason went home with new toys stamped Guinea Hog Forge, which made Scott feel really proud. Below Jason demonstrates the quick draw technique.

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