Sunday, December 11, 2011

When You Need a Little Xtra

Meet the EMc Xtra, Scott latest everyday carry. A customer commissioned an EMc/ Bushman cross and the Xtra is a hybrid of those two blades.

EMc Xtra
Steel: 5160
Finish: "Rustic"
Handle: Japanese Ito wrap over rayskin
Overall Length: 9 7/8 inches
Blade Length: 5 1/8 inches
Sheath: Kydex

The pictured EMc Xtra was forged from 5160 tool steel, has a Japanese Ito wrap over rayskin, and the overall length & blade length are approximately 1 inch longer than an EMc ("Every Man Carry"). This Xtra came with a Kydex sheath and custom GHF Shoulder Holster Rig.

Thanks for the order DK.

Guinea Hog Forge


  1. Heckfire that is nice! Great work... gotta get me some Guinea Forge soon...

  2. Nice blade! I like the little rise in the spline and the slinder point but still has some heft to it! Great design!