Sunday, May 26, 2013

EMc Feedback from Norway

As I've noted before, we love to hear and see how our blades are doing, and we recently heard back from a customer in Norway who put a Cruforge EMc (Everyman Carry) to the test on a camping trip in Spydeberg - a small village in the southeastern part of Norway. Here are some pictures from the trip and some comments from Geir.

My girlfriend and I set up camp in a forest and spent the night there. I planned to use the knife to do some light batoning of firewood and make feather sticks, but due to the risk of forest fire we decided  not have an open flame and settled for a gas stove instead to cook our food. I did use the knife to cut some small trees that someone had left from clearing a trail, however, and cut 4 branches that were 2-3 inches thick to see how the edge was holding up. Then I started to make a spoon out of one of the branches, but I wasn't very impressed by the result so no pictures were taken of that spoon. It was not the knives fault, it's me who need to practice more!

The last thing I used the knife for was to make a simple flute which is something I learned as a boy scout some 20 years ago:)

The EMc might not be the biggest camp knife, but it can certainly perform all general camp chores. The knife fits very well in the hand, and the handle is much more comfortable than I first expected from the Ito wrap. But what I like the most about this knife is the perfectly convexed edge along the whole blade. It can really take a thin and "scary sharp" edge, and the knife was still shaving sharp after a day of use!  Back home I gave it 3-4 strokes on each side on a leather belt with green compound and it was back to hair popping sharp!
Thank you guys for such an excellent performer of a knife!


Thank you Geir for the feedback and the pictures. I especially love the flute (who knew our knives could make music!), and Scott loves knowing that the blade is truly being used as intended. Take care and enjoy!

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