Saturday, May 25, 2013

Schizophrenic Blade Show Table

As our 2013 Blade Show collection indicates, Scott's been going in a lot of directions lately. From kitchen knives to choppers, waterjetted to hand-forged knives, every-day blades to presentation pieces, we plan to have a little bit of everything at the show this year. There's even a little super secret squirrel stuff in the works. 

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to talk about that yet, but here are a few pieces I can discuss.

Waterjetted EMcs
Steel: O1
Process: Stock Removal
Overall Length: 8 7/8 inches 
Blade Length: 4 1/4 inches
Handle: Scalloped Black Micarta
Sheath: Black Kydex with Syntac lining
*Optional Shoulder Rig is available

Both of these EMcs (i.e. Everyman Carries) come with a Kydex sheath with Tek-lok clip, and we'll have at least one shoulder rig at the show. Scott has also toyed with the idea of cold-bluing one of the EMcs, but we are quickly running out of time so that is yet to be seen.

Wondering what a cold-blued blade looks like? 
Here's our popular Cottonmouth design with a bead-blasted and cold-blued finish. 

Cottonmouth Blackout
Steel: Cold-blued W2
Process: Hand-forged
Overall Length: 13 1/4
Blade Length: 7 1/4
Handle: Black Micarta
Guard: Bead-blasted 416 stainless

And for those of you who share Scott's passion for cooking - here's an 8-inch Chef and matching 3.5-Inch Paring knife in Curly Koa.

Yeah, they're sharp:)

Lastly, we'll be showcasing a Puma in Desert Ironwood with a beautiful hamon. 
This baby will be on the table, but she has already been sold.

 See the next post - A Trio for Blade Show - for the rest of the 2013 line up . . . well, everything except that super secret squirrel stuff. Stay tuned!

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