Thursday, February 18, 2010

Four Little Pigs

Four little pigs went to market. Two got sold on the way. Only two left! The following knives are Scott's latest custom creations - a GHF Buta wrapped in brown parachute cord and three GHF Javelinas. The Javelina is a variation on the Buta with micarta scales and a finger groove. All four "little pigs" are made from 1080 tool steel, have undergone three thermal cycles (two normalizations and annealing), have been edge-quenched, triple-tempered for six hours, etched to show transition lines and have hand-rubbed finishes. All are 81/4 inches long with 33/8 inch blades.

The handle of the GHF Buta (Japanese for pig) has been dipped in polyurethane to protect the entire handle and heavy wear areas have been armored with superglue. In addition, the tang on the Buta has been skeletonized to reduce weight. The Buta comes with a black Kydex sheath and weighs 5.6 ounces - sheath included. Price $115 Gone with US soldier to Afghanistan - includes USPS priority shipping anywhere in the continental US.

All GHF Javelinas have a tapered tang to improve knife balance and reduce overall weight. All Javelinas come with a black Kydex sheath and weigh approximately 6.6 ounces - sheath included. For this litter, Scott used three types of micarta scales - orange G10 with yellow spacers, black linen with red spacers and black canvas (no spacers).

Orange G-10 with yellow spacers $150 SOLD!- includes USPS priority shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Black Linen with red spacers and mosaic pins $165 SOLD!

Black Canvas with no spacers - SOLD!

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