Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SR-71 Elite Hunters

Our SR-71 Silverbirds and Blackbirds are hard-use tactical knives, but Scott wanted a higher-end cutter for his personal carry. Thus, the SR-71 Elite Hunter was born. The Elite is a 1/4-inch shorter than our standard SR-71s, has a little more belly, is ground a tad sharper, gets a shaped handle, and is generally hand-sanded. Check out these Elites made from 3V rust resistant carbon steel.

SR-71 Elite Hunter
Steel: 3V Rust Resistant
Overall Length: 8.75 inches
Blade Length: 4.125 inches
Handle: Linen Micarta
Sheath: Leather Drop

Green Micarta

Maroon Micarta

All dress in leather and ready to fly, these are sold, but we'll have more 
at Blade Show in Atlanta (June 2-4) Table 13P.

Scott made his personal Elite in green Micarta and did a special carving on the sheath.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Blackbird vs. Silverbird

At Guinea Hog Forge, we hand-craft two versions of our popular SR-71 knife - 
an SR-71 Blackbird and an SR-71 Silverbird. 

Same great design, two different steels and finishes -
Which one is right for you?

The SR-71 Blackbird is the original Guinea Hog Forge knife design. Named after the famous SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, our Blackbird knife is Parkerized to turn the steel black and protect the blade from corrosion. If you want a fast, mid-sized blade with a stealthy finish, the Blackbird is an excellent choice. In addition, the Blackbird's flat ground O1 tool steel blade holds an edge extremely well and and is easy to sharpen in the field. 

The SR-71 Silverbird is made of super-tough rust-resistant 3V carbon steel. If you want a fast, mid-sized knife with outstanding edge retention and toughness (and you prefer a brushed silver finish) this is the SR-71 for you. We've yet to find a tougher steel, and while 3V isn't as easy to sharpen as O1, it's hard to argue with a knife that holds an edge this well. It's also super easy keep this blade looking good. 

SR-71 Blackbird vs. Silverbird
Steel: O1 Carbon vs. 3V Rust Resistant
Blade Finish: Parkerized vs. Belt
Overall Length: 9 inches
Blade Length: 4.25 inches
Sheath: Leather Bushcraft

All SR-71s come with a leather bushcraft sheath and your choice of scalloped handle. 

You can choose from Green, Black or Maroon Micarta . . . 

. . . or even dress your SR-71 in Camo G-10.

Blackbird or Silverbird? You choose.

We deliver.