Thursday, June 13, 2019

Brut de Forge in BB-55 Teak

On June 13th, 1940 (79 years ago today), the Battleship USS North Carolina (aka BB-55) was first launched. The ship fought in every significant battle in the pacific during WWII. It was decommissioned in June of 1947 and was ultimately dedicated as a North Carolina Memorial in 1962. The memorial ship is located in Wilmington, not far from our home. In 1983, the original decking was replaced, and last year Scott obtained several original pieces. It took a lot of seaching and proper cutting to find good handle stock in all that wood, but he found quite a few and some even had curl in it like the ones on the Brut de Forge Bowie pictured below.

The teak was stabilized for use on knives. You have to rock the handle back and forth to truly appreciate the curl, but it's there and is truly stunning on this hand-forged blade.

Brut de Forge Bowie
Steel: Hand-forged 1075
Finish: Hammer-marked and hand-sanded
Overall Length: 15 inches
Blade Length: 9 inches
Handle: Curly Teak from BB-55
Bolsters: Nickel-silver
Sheath: Leather drop
*Blade has fully sharpened clip

Made by ABS Mastersmith E. Scott McGhee

Thanks for looking.