Sunday, July 18, 2010

Practice Journeyman Performance Test Successful!

Scott forged this blade last week with the intent of creating a knife that could pass the ABS Journeyman Performance Test. We just finished posting all the videos and the knife was successful. Check out the videos by clicking the test links below!

5160 tool steel
cord wrapped handle
differentially heat treated
triple normalized, tempered and quenched
recurved blade
10 inch long blade; 15 inch knife overall

Test #1: Cut a 1-inch diameter free hanging manilla rope 6 inches from the bottom in one pass.

Test #2: Cut a 2x4 in half twice, then shave without sharpening the blade.

Test #3: Bend the knife in a vice to 90 degrees without breaking it. Click the link to see the video and watch the knife go to a full 90 degree bend.

Success is sweet.