Thursday, December 13, 2018

Damascus XOs - Just in Time for Christmas

Still searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the knife aficionado in your life - 3 Damascus XOs just became available! Desert Ironwood, Battleship Teak, and Koa are pictured below. 

Damascus XO (Executive Officer)
Steel: 1095/15n20
Finish: Hand sanded with forge-finished flats
Overall length: 8.5 inches
Blade length: 3.5 inches
Sheath: Leather pouch

 Desert Ironwood

 Curly Koa

 Teak from the Battleship USS-NC

XOs with teak handles from the deck of the Battleship USS-NC get a special BB-55 mark 
on the backside of the blade. BB-55 is the hull number of the ship. 

Hand-forged Damascus knives by ABS Master Bladesmith E. Scott McGhee

Available while supplies last at Guinea Hog Forge.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

2018 NC State Fair - Village of Yesteryear

Hurricane Florence put us behind on production for the NC State Fair, and we've been playing catch up ever since. Scott is working on the Vortex now - a Brut de Forge blade hammered out by hand during the storm when we had no power. He also has two cleavers in progress. 
Here's what's ready now.

Teak from the deck of the Battleship USS-NC will be featured at our table again this year. 
We have Damascus XOs (Executive Officers), Blackout and 3V XOs, 
and Damascus Piranhas all with BB-55 teak handles.

Damascus XO
Steel: 1095/15n20
Finish: Hand-sanded
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Handle: BB-55 Teak
Sheath: Leather

All hand-forged E. Scott McGhee knives get the MS mark on the showside, while all knives with battleship teak handles get a special BB-55 mark on the backside of the blade.

XO Blackout
Steel: O1
Finish: Satin
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Handle: BB-55 Teak
Sheath: Leather

XO Blackouts get a non-reflective Parkerized finish that protects the blade from corrosion.

Steel: 3V
Finish: Belt
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Handle: BB-55 Teak and Micarta
Sheath: Leather

Executive officers (XOs) also come in corrosion resistant 3V steel. Most have BB-55 teak handles, but Scott couldn't resist making one with a scalloped Micarta handle.

A few Damascus Piranhas will be available in BB-55 teak again this year, 
and these little beauties will feature our all new leather pocket sheath. 

Damascus Piranha
Steel: 1095/15n20 
Finish: Hand-sanded
Overall Length: 6.125 inches
Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Handle: BB-55 Teak
Sheath: Leather pocket

And, for the first time ever, our popular S35VN Piranha will be available at the State Fair.

S35VN Piranha
Steel: S35VN
Finish: Belt
Overall Length: 6.125 inches
Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Handle: Scalloped G-10 and Micarta
Sheath: Leather pocket

Knives made through the stock removal process (not hand forged) 
get our McGhee Knives mark on the show side.

We will be in Booth #7 in the Village of Yesteryear at the NC State Fair Oct 11th-21.

Hope to see you there! If you can't come, keep an eye on the website - any knives that don't sell by October 15th will be made available to the general public on Tuesday October 16th. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Vortex - A Response to Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence stalked us for a week, convinced us to remove two nice shade trees hanging over the house, then settled in for three days - soaking us, snapping tree limbs, and stealing our power (at least any our generator couldn't replace).

Florence has been a pain, but we're among the fortunate. In response to Florence's unwelcome visit, Scott forged a special knife today - the Vortex. Forged by hand (no power hammer, no press), this blade is a "boredom fighter" because she kept Scott working as the generator fuel ran low.

Stay tuned as the Vortex will be available in the near future. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Brut de Forge Chopper

Scott is in a Brut de Forge mood. First it was the Bush Sword (see previous post), 
now a Brut de Forge Chopper, and next a Brut de Forge Fighter. 
If you like work-horse knives with hand-forged texture, you'll love these.  

Brut de Forge Chopper
Steel: 1095
Finish: Rustic 
Overall Length: 16 inches
Blade Length: 10 inches
Handle: Ringed Gidgee
Sheath: Leather drop

Dressed in beautiful Ringed Gidgee, this chopper is a handful!

Knife and sheath will be headed to France tomorrow. 

Next off the bench - a Brut de Forge fighter!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Brut de Forge Bush Sword

Every once in a while Scott gets to make anything he wants (i.e. Maker's Choice). 
He forged this Bush Sword while teaching at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing in June. 
It's now all dressed up and ready for a new home. Check it out!

Brut de Forge Bush Sword
Steel: 1075
Finish: Hammer-marked (i.e. Rustic)
Overall Length: 22.5 inches
Blade Length: 16 inches
Handle: Carbon Fiber with Bronze Guard
Sheath: Leather

This Brut de Forge Bush Sword with hammer-marked finish and apple seed grind has a wicked 16-inch blade made for chopping through whatever stands between you and where you want to go.  

Check out what it did in one swing . . . without a handle! 

An expertly shaped carbon-fiber handle is accented by a beautiful bronze guard.

And its custom leather sheath has snaps for easy access/stowaway,
plus d-rings for versatile carry. 

This is a Maker's Choice build, NOT a stock item. Get it before it's gone!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Blade Show Season - 2018 Round 2

Here are a few more knives for Blade Show. Scott's still out in the shop working on a big boy and a pretty little Damascus Hunter. So there's more to come. 

Scott churned out several SR-71s for Blade Show. 
Two O1 versions sport teak handles from BB-55 (aka The Battleship USS-NC). 

The three SR-71 Silverbirds below (CPM 3V) are dressed in 
Black Linen Micarta, Green Linen Micarta, and Wenge respectively.

Rovers will be making an appearance at Blade Show this year.

Above - Rover Elite, Battleship Rover, and Rover Blackout. 

Rover Elites, like the one above, come with a shaped Micarta handle 
and stainless Corby screws.

Above: Parkerized O1 Blackout Rovers in Battleship Teak and Scalloped Linen Micarta.

Did I mention that we'll have some Damascus Piranhas at Blade Show? 
We'll have logo hats too. 

Hope to see you there. Blade Show Table 13P, June 1-3.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Blade Show 2018 - Round 1

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life has been really busy. So busy, in fact, that we're a little behind in getting ready for Blade Show! Here's what's ready so far. More to pictures to come as we count down to Blade Show 2018 - Table 13P. 

Damascus Piranhas, including one Bare Bones version (above), will be available at Blade Show this year. Since their debut in early 2017, Damascus Piranhas have been a hot item.

The smallest forged blade we offer, Damascus Piranhas can be dressed in various ways. Popular handle options include Curly Koa, Desert Ironwood, Wenge, Blackwood, Teak from the Battleship USS-NC (while supplies last), and Linen Micarta (Green, Maroon, or Black). 

Damascus Piranhas typically come with a lined Kydex sheath, but Scott recently designed a leather pocket sheath that we'll be debuting at Blade Show this year. 

This leather beauty will come standard with Damascus Piranhas and should fit any Piranhas on the market. We'll start churning them out as soon as the new cutting dies arrive.

The Discreet Carry Concepts clip has a "dog" that keeps the sheath firmly in your pocket.

Stay tuned. More knives to come for Blade Show 2018. 

Hope to see you in Atlanta - Table 13 P.