Friday, March 27, 2020

Attention Hamon Lovers

Scott was scheduled to teach at the Smoky Mountain Bladesmithing Symposium in Clyde, NC earlier this month, but Covid-19 hit the scene and the event was promptly cancelled. One of the classes Scott was prepared to teach was on hamons, a hardening line in carbon steel blades.

If you follow my husband's work, you know that six years ago he made several hamon knives but hasn't made any in years even though clients have requested them. Hamons are a creative medium that Scott enjoyed exploring, but he ultimately decided it wasn't something he truly enjoyed doing. Damascus speaks to him. Brut de Forge speaks to him. Damascus Brut de Forge really really speaks to him. But hamons, although beautiful, don't really trip his trigger.

When the class was cancelled, Scott considered not finishing the blade he'd prepped for the class, but it was made from Don Hanson W2, and he'd put a ton of work into it! So, here she is, a W2 Native with hamon made by ABS Mastersmith E. Scott McGhee - his first (and only) Mastersmith knife with a hamon to date. Please note that it is also a Brut de Forge in the flats.

Native with Hamon
Steel: W2
Finish: Hand-Sanded Brut de Forge
Overall Length: 11.375 inches
Blade Length: 6.50 inches
Handle: Desert Ironwood
Sheath: Leather drop 

Here are a couple of videos as well for your viewing pleasure.

Yeah, it has a fully sharpened "false edge" too.

Sure, he might make another hamon blade somewhere down the line, but who knows. 
This one is SOLD!

Thanks for looking. Y'all stay safe out there. 

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