Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Few More Knives for Blade Show 2017

Here are a few more knives we'll be bringing to Blade Show in Atlanta this weekend -
hand-crafted functional art by ABS Mastersmith E. Scott McGhee.

Brute de Forge #1

Brut de Forge #2

Both are dressed in African Blackwood and come with handmade leather sheaths. 

Scott's 1st Folder

Made under the tutelage of Bruce Bingenheimer using one of Bruce's designs.

The perfect marriage of carbon fiber, titanium, and steel. 

Expect to see more Guinea Hog Forge folders in the future. 

And last, but not least, a large hunter dressed in Desert Ironwood.

Come see us at Table 13P.

Guinea Hog Forge

Monday, May 29, 2017

Two More Damascus Knives for Blade Show 2017

Scott just finished these two Damascus beauties for Blade - a Puma and a Sparrow Hawk.

Steel: 1095/15n20 Pattern-Welded
Blade Length: 6.25 inches
Overall Length: 11.25 inches
Handle: Curly Koa
Guard: Matte 416 Stainless
Sheath: Leather Drop

Wildfire Damascus by E. Scott McGhee

The Puma is a cross between a small fighter and a camp knife.

Sparrow Hawk
Steel: 1095/15n20 Pattern-Welded
Blade Length: 3.875 inches
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Handle: Desert Ironwood
Guard: Penned bronze with black G-10 spacers
Sheath: Leather 

Another wild mosiac Damascus pattern from ABS Mastersmith E. Scott McGhee.

The Sparrow Hawk is a beautiful little bird and trout. 

Hope to see you at Blade Show in Atlanta - Table 13P.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Piranhas for Blade Show 2017

We've been saving a few Piranhas in S35VN for Blade Show.

Steel: S35VN
Finish: Belt
Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Overall Length: 6.125 inches
Handle: Scalloped G-10
Sheath: Kydex

 Camo G-10

Maroon/Black G-10

Simply Black G-10

That's a hand-full of Guinea Hog Forge goodness.

Piranhas come standard with a Kydex sheath outfitted with an IWB strap . . . 

. . . but you can opt for a Syderco G-Clip if you prefer. 

Hope to see you in Atlanta - Table 13P.

Tusk for Blade Show 2017

Scott finished this Tusk last night. It will be available at Blade Show 2017 - Table 13P.

Steel: 1095/15n20 
Damascus Pattern: Tesla
Blade Length: 8.5 inches
Overall Length: 15 inches
Guard: Parkerized
Handle: African Blackwood
Sheath: Leather concealment

Forge finshed flats, a Parkerized guard, and African Blackwood handle 
complemented by Tesla pattern Damascus and a sharpened false edge. 

Hope to see you in Atlanta.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The 2017 Blade Show Rush is On!

Well, the rush to Blade Show 2017 is on, and Scott's Damascus pieces are coming together. 
One 8-inch French Chef down, a bird and trout, a chopper, and camp knife/fighter to go.

8-Inch French Chef
Steel: 1095/15n20 
Blade Length: 8.25 inches
Overall Length: 14.125 inches
Handle: Carbon Fiber w/G-10 Frame

Reptilian Damascus meets high tech carbon fiber frame handle to make one gorgeous knife.

A G-10 frame bonded to carbon fiber scales makes this knife a super lightweight hidden tang.

A super thin flat grind makes this knife wicked sharp and cut like mad.

Come see us in Atlanta - table 13P.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

SR-71 Silverbirds - Tactical vs Elite Hunter

At Guinea Hog Forge, we make two SR-71 Silverbirds - a tactical version and an Elite Hunter. 
We've had some questions about the similarities and differences, so here's the lowdown.

The SR-71 tactical comes with a scalloped Micarta handle and a belt-finished blade.

The Elite Hunter comes with a shaped handle (Micarta or wood) and a hand-sanded blade.

The Micarta scales on the tactical version are attached via screws. 

The scales on the Elite Hunter are attached with mosaic pins. 

All Silverbirds are made from 3V rust resistant carbon steel (which means they cut extremely well), but our tactical version has a heavier spine for strength, 
while the Elite Hunter is slimmer for superior cutting.

The Elite Hunter is also 1/4 inch shorter than the SR-71 tactical 
and has a tad more belly for skinning.

Both knives come standard with lined leather sheaths. The tactical Silverbird comes with a bushcraft sheath that can be worn on the belt or strapped to a pack/vest . . . 

. . . while the Elite Hunter comes with a tooled drop sheath. 

We have a few SR-71 tactical Silverbirds available on the website now, 
and we'll have more available at Blade Show in Atlanta in June. 

Come by and check them out at - Table 13P. 
Thanks for looking!

Guinea Hog Forge