Saturday, April 13, 2013

Native Plus One Equals Bovine Delight

We just received the following email from the Canadian wild. See what you think.

Hi Lydia and Scott,
Well, I decided rather than just being a beautiful piece of artwork that I had to follow Scott's wishes and put this blade to use.
So I went 'hunting' at our local Costco and picked up a 13 pound whole strip loin, which I always cut up to make New York steaks. The savings are great but the effort of having to cut the meat (even with our high end kitchen knives) has often left me wondering if it's worth the cost savings/effort. It usually takes me an hour to cut up a strip loin.
Enter the Native plus one...six minutes later I was finished! No effort, beautiful uniform steaks.
Thanks for a tremendous knife!
PS: If you ever are in Canada you know where to come for a BBQ.

 Well, we've heard Costco can get pretty wild, especially up there in Canada:)

Thanks Duncan. We love to see our knives at work, 
and you've done an amazing job with that loin. 
Steaks at your place? Fire up the barbie. We're there!