Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pele - A Damascus Hunter

Pele was supposed to be Scott's new carry knife, but (as oft happens) he decided she was simply too beautiful to keep. This hunter, named for the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, is based on our popular Zulu model. Pele is a little more pointy and delicate than a Zulu, the clip comes back a tad further, and the spine is thinner.

Steel: 1095/15n20 Damascus
Overall Length: 9 7/8 inches
Blade Length: 4 3/4 inches
Guard: 416 stainless w/spacers
Handle: Stabilized Curly Koa
Sheath: Leather Drop

Pele has a 416 stainless guard with G-10 and stainless steel spacers.

All of Scott's guards are press fit.

The stabilized curly Koa handle material is edemic to Hawaii and . . . 

. . . the pattern in the Damascus is reminiscent of a lava flow.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rover in Obsidian Twist Damascus - New Knife Design, New Finish

Scott forged this new full-tang design out of twist Damascus, and then gave it a wicked black finish were calling "Obsidian". The Rover is a bush-craft knife, so it got a special sheath that incorporates a Light-My-Fire ferro rod and multiple tie down points. See what you think.

Steel: Obsidian Twist Damascus 1095/15n20 
Overall Length: 10.75 inches
Blade Length: 5.5 inches
Handle: Maroon Micarta
Sheath: Leather Bush-craft

Scott tapered the tang and bull-nosed the scales. 

Scott also integrated a fire-striker into the butt of the knife that works well with the ferro rod.

Thanks for looking.