Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Making of a Damascus Trekker Mini Hatchet

Here's how Scott's Damascus Trekker Mini Hatchet was made. 

Every blade starts with an idea turned into a wooden mock-up 
that is used as a guide during the forging process. 

Not all of Scott blades are Damascus, but this one was so first he has to make the steel. 
This one was forged out of 1095 and 15n20 tool steel randomly stacked, welded, forged together, twisted, then formed into a final billet of steel.

Twisted Damascus.

Final billet ready for shaping into a hatchet. 


Final ground - pre-heat treat

Post heat treat

Drift forged from a transfer truck axle.

Block 'o curly maple and drift

Handle cut out

Fitting the head

Roughed in handle

Handle with Aquafortis treatment

Bottom of handle has brown stain added. It added richness and depth to the Aquafortis.

Blade after final etch.


And a belt sheath to complete the package.

Thanks for looking.

Guinea Hog Forge

Trekker Mini Hatchet

Scott just finished his first Trekker Mini Hatchet. We've been hiking and camping quite a bit of late, and this is a hatchet perfectly sized for both activities as well as hunting and backpacking. Scott's been itching to play with Damascus lately too, so this first Trekker Mini is a 1095/15n20 twisted Damascus beauty. It's going to make someone very happy this Christmas. 

Trekker Mini Hatchet
Blade: 1095/15n20
Overall Height: 7 1/2 inches
Blade Length: 4 5/8 inches
Weight: 12.4 ounces
Handle: Stained Curly Maple
Wedge: African Blackwood
Sheath: Leather with belt loop

Hand hold #1 - Choked up 

Hand hold #2 - at the base for more power

Smaller than an SR-71

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twisted Damascus Zulu

We sold a Merlin in twisted Damascus at Blade earlier this year and the customer decided he really needed a matching Zulu. Thankfully Scott had just enough steel left from the original billet to make that wish come true. Check it out. This beauty is headed to Germany.

And here's the metamorphosis from rough forged to finished.

Hot off the anvil to hot off the grinder.

Dressed in African Blackwood with stainless guard and a couple of nice spacers. 

The blade is blued for a nice effect, and here's the Blue Merlin that inspired this creation.

Thanks for looking.