Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blade Show 2015

We're less than a week away from Blade Show 2015, and all of Scott's hand-forged blades are now ready to go. Thirteen total - 12 knives and a hatchet - plus several waterjet Piranhas with scales. Hope to see you at the show in Atlanta - Table 13P!

Above is The Tusk - 8 1/2 inches of Damascus blade with an African Blackwood handle and 416 stainless guard. Below are two Cottonmouth Blackouts with green Micarta handles - one with a single guard and the other with a double guard.  

A third Cottonmouth with African Blackwood handle can be seen just above Tusk in the picture below. The Tusk, this Cottonmouth Blackout, and two EZ Rider Blackouts like the one below Tusk will all be available at the show.

Several knives will be delivered to clients at Blade Show 2015 - including a Mini-Trekker belt hatchet with Damascus head and curly maple handle . . . 

. . . a Chief with hamon and African Rosewood handle . . . 

. . . a Mamba Blackout with African Rosewood handle . . . 

. . . and another Mamba in African Rosewood with a hamon. 

Hamons can be tricky to photograph, so here's another view of the one on the Mamba.

Scott also completed two Twist Damascus knives for delivery to Blade Show 2015 - a Zulu and a Merlin, both dressed in African Blackwood . . . 

. . . and one Bushman with scalloped Micarta handle. 

Lastly, Scott turned out several stainless steel Piranhas with G-10 scales . . . 

. . . one of which we will be raffling off at the show. Tickets are $2 each or $5 for three. 

 Hope to see you there - Table 13P.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Countdown to Blade Show 2015

In preparation for Blade Show, Scott's works 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week for about a month. To say it's exhausting is an understatement, but he gets a lot of work done. Here's what he's completed so far.

Two EZ-Rider Blackouts

EZ-Riders are very thin, light, and fast.

Two Cottonmouth Blackouts

Both dressed in Green Micarta. One with a double guard and one with a single guard plus spacer.

One Mamba in Wenge (aka African Rosewood)  

Several Piranhas with scales

More knife pictures to come.
Hope to see you there - Blade Show 2015 - Table 13P.

Thanks for looking.