Sunday, September 24, 2017

Battleship Blades

BB-55 is the hull number of the USS North Carolina - a WW II battleship that participated in every major on-water battle in the Pacific theater during the second world war. The USS-NC is now a museum ship and, due to renovations, a rare opportunity to obtain steel from the hull and teak from the deck became available. It was a temptation Scott couldn't resist.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be offering knives that incorporate steel and wood from BB-55. A few of our popular mid-tech models will get slight make-overs to incorporate wood handles made from ship decking, while some really special pieces will be crafted from BB-55 steel forged into Damascus and then forge-welded onto a 1095 carbon tool steel core via a process called San Mai.

The first of the BB-55 series came off the bench this weekend - Battleship Rovers in CPM 3V with teak handles made from reclaimed USS-NC decking. A few of these special Rovers are available now, but we'll also save a few just for our booth at the NC State Fair.

All Battleship Blades get our standard mark on the show side (McGhee Knives for stock removal pieces) and BB-55 on the back side to signify their association with the USS-NC.

You can see our battleship knives in person at the NC State Fair in the Village of Yesteryear, Oct 12-22. In addition to knives, we will have pendants made from BB-55 Damascus and wooden knives hand-crafted from USS-North Carolina decking.

We hope to see you there, but if you can't come, keep an eye our website as we'll post a few BB-55 products leading up to the fair so that everyone has a chance to own a unique piece of US history.