Thursday, December 13, 2018

Damascus XOs - Just in Time for Christmas

Still searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the knife aficionado in your life - 3 Damascus XOs just became available! Desert Ironwood, Battleship Teak, and Koa are pictured below. 

Damascus XO (Executive Officer)
Steel: 1095/15n20
Finish: Hand sanded with forge-finished flats
Overall length: 8.5 inches
Blade length: 3.5 inches
Sheath: Leather pouch

 Desert Ironwood

 Curly Koa

 Teak from the Battleship USS-NC

XOs with teak handles from the deck of the Battleship USS-NC get a special BB-55 mark 
on the backside of the blade. BB-55 is the hull number of the ship. 

Hand-forged Damascus knives by ABS Master Bladesmith E. Scott McGhee

Available while supplies last at Guinea Hog Forge.