Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cruforge Bushman with Shoulder Rig

Scott recently completed this "rustic" Cruforge Bushman with GHF custom shoulder holster rig. Rustic refers to our hammer-marked and belt-sanded finish, which is the only way Scott will finish Cruforge these days. Cruforge is an amazing carbon steel that holds an edge like you wouldn't believe, but it's hard under the hammer and almost impossible to hand sand . . . although Scott has suffered through the process in the past!

Steel: Cruforge
Finish: Rustic
Overall Length: 10 inches
Blade Length: 5.5 inches
Sheath: Kydex w/ shoulder rig

This Bushman comes with an Ito wrap over rayskin handle, but we also offer this design with stabilized wood and Micarta. It's a great everyday carry and the shoulder holster makes it extra special! Here's Scott modeling his creation.

 The Kydex sheath attaches to the should holster with a single Chicago screw . . .

. . . and the sheath comes standard with a Tek-Lok fastener, so the knife can be worn on a belt as well. In addition, the Tek-Lok can be removed to facilitate a cleaner carry in the shoulder rig.

The rig has multiple adjustments points and can be worn by a wide range of individuals . . . 

. . . and it connects via a belt loop. This rig is set up for a right-handed individual, but we can make them for lefties too.

Thanks for looking.