Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Back at the Forge

Scott doesn't hand-forge as much as he'd like, but it's pretty awesome when he does.  
The February tally - 3 Bushman, 1 hand-forged Rover and a Native. 

The three Bushman above are dressed in three distinct ways - 
Ito wrap over rayskin, shaped Wenge, and shaped black linen Micarta.

 Two different finishes are featured as well - Blackout above and belt-finished below. 

The Bushman is a mid-sized hard-work knife.

 The Rover is similar in size to the Bushman. The one below is dressed in Desert Ironwood.

The Native, a pure fighter, is a little longer and pointier than the Rover. 
The Carolina Native below dons Teak from the Battleship USS-North Carolina.

Both the Native and Rover pictured sport hand-sanded finishes.  

Thanks for looking.