Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Razorback - A Hand-Forged Hog Sticker

Scott forged this GHF Razorback over coal at the Harnett County Regional Fair in Lillington, NC back in May and just got around to heat treating and finishing it inbetween commissions. It's made of 5160 tool steel, has a hammer-marked finish, sharpened clip, and flame-grain walnut handle with nickel-silver pins.

Steel: 5160
Finish: "Rustic"
Overall Length: 13 1/2 inches
Blade Length: 8 1/2 inches
Handle: Flame grain walnut (from Burl Source)
Sheath: Leather huckleberry rig (in the works)

It's sort of a bowie, camp knife, chopper all-in-one, and we're calling it the Razorback because it's a wild hog sticker if I've ever seen one. Scott plans to make a leather huckleberry rig for this one, so stay tuned.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Road to San Antonio

Scott began a quest to become an ABS Journeyman this January when he passed his JS performance test, and he's now working feverishly to get five knives ready for the January 2012 ABS All-Forged Blade Expo in San Antonio where he hopes to take his final Journeyman exam - the brutal peer review.

So, needless to say, the rush is on.

I started another blog this summer (as a grad school project) to explain the Journeyman process to the uninitiated and track Scott on his quest. The blog is called The Road to San Antonio, and I'll be posting Scott's completed journeyman knives there as he progresses, so keep an eye on it, as we hope to start posting some knives in the next month.

And, if he doesn't get all five done in time? Hmmmm, I guess we'll change directions and see you at the Atlanta Blade Show in June. Stay tuned!

EMc and Two Knife Shoulder Holsters

Finally, after a long hot summer of tree work and issues with our heat-treat forge and quenchant, Scott is back at the forge. First, he finished a commissioned EMc started a few months ago, then the Copperhead sold, and he crafted shoulder holsters for both knives. Check 'em out.

This EMc ("Every Man Carry") got a full Japanese Ito wrap over ray skin, was crafted from CruForge V, and has a hammer-marked, belt-finished, "rustic" blade (our favorite working man steel and finish). This blade is headed to a very patient customer in British Columbia. Thank you Kevin!

This EMc came with our GHF custom Kydex shoulder holster. The holster is secured via a belt loop, and the knife can be removed from the holster and worn on a belt with a Tek-loc clip.

The Copperhead below, which is also a CruForge V creation, got a custom kydex shoulder holster of its own and is on a plane to Afghanistan via Canada.

Yeah, he put the straps on before it shipped:)

Thanks guys. You Canuks are great!
Guinea Hog Forge