Sunday, November 9, 2014

Piranha - A Little Blade with a Lot of Bite

Scott made this Piranha for me (his wife), and the knife has been so popular that 
we've decided to waterjet a run before Christmas. It will come with a Kydex sheath.

The prototype is 1084 (a carbon steel that can stain), but the waterjet run will be made from CPM 154, a Crucible stainless that is a nice choice for a skeletonized blade. 

All of Scott's knives are flat ground which produces a superior cutting edge. Here are two videos on the Piranha. These include graphic images of Scott gutting a hog and aren't for the squeamish. Anyone who processes meat, however, will appreciate what this little knife can do. 

The first video is short and to the point (a little over a minute). 

The second video shows the entire gutting of a American Guinea Hog (over 11 minutes). 

Thanks for looking.