Sunday, September 28, 2014

Leather Cargo Pocket Sheath for SR-71

Scott designed a leather cargo pocket sheath for the SR-71 Elite Cargo - 
the wooden handled version of our popular SR-71 Blackbird.

The cargo pocket sheath also comes with a belt loop . . . 

. . . so you can wear it on the hip.

So, while the SR-71 Blackbird has a scalloped Micarta handle and comes dressed in Kydex . . .

. . . the SR-71 Elite Cargo comes with wood handles and your choice of leather cargo pocket sheath or a more traditional leather pouch sheath.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zulu Blackouts for Germany

Scott turned out six Zulu Blackouts for G-Gear in Germany this week, and managed to finish them while battling a nasty cold he picked up at the Southeastern Custom Knife Show

Scott dressed three in African Blackwood and three in Wenge (aka African Rosewood).

African Rosewood with brown leather drop sheath . . . 

versus African Blackwood with black leather drop sheath.

It would be hard to choose as both are beautiful.

Luckily, Scott came home from the Southeastern Custom Knifemakers Show 
with more than just a cold.

The Blackwood Zulu took Best Forged Blade, while the SR-71 Blackbird took Best Tactical.

G-Gear is bringing a few SR-71 Blackbirds into the German market as well. 

These Blackbirds will fly east on Monday morning.

Thanks for looking.