Friday, February 13, 2015

A Tale of Two Sisters

Scott passed his Mastersmith Performance test last week at Jason Knight Knives - home of his mastersmith Jason Knight. Two Damascus blades were forged in preparation for the test. They came from the same billet and were heat treated together. The one Scott deemed the test knife was dressed in birds-eye maple, driven to South Carolina, and severely abused in Jason's shop.

Test # 1: The knife cut through a free-hanging 1-inch manila rope in a single pass.

Test # 2: The knife chopped through two 2x4s and would still shave hair afterwards.

Test # 3: In the final test, the blade was bent to 90 degrees without breaking or cracking.

These tests are used to determine a bladesmith's understanding of metallurgy, heat-treating, and edge geometry, as well as his or her smithing skills. Being a tad OCD, Scott forged the second blade as a production backup - just in case something went wrong during the manufacturing process. The first knife turned out great and passed several in-house tests so Scott set the second one aside and went to visit Jason. Upon his return, Scott decided to transform the second blade into a finished knife and offer it for sale.

Meet "The Sisters"

The "Abused Blonde" Test Knife will be displayed with Scott's Mastersmith presentation test knives when he submits them for review at a future American Bladesmith Society event, while the "Pretty Sister" Brunette Camp Knife will be auctioned on our Guinea Hog Forge Facebook page this Sunday (February 15th, 2015).

The "Pretty Sister" Brunette Camp Knife
Steel: 1095/15n20 Pattern-Welded Steel
Overall Length: 15 1/4 inches
Blade Length: 9 3/4 inches
Guard: Bead-blasted 416 Stainless
Handle: Wenge (aka: African Rosewood)

This is an exclusive auction open only to Guinea Hog Forge blade owners and folks on our production list currently waiting for knives. The auction will start at 9am EST on our Facebook page and will conclude at 9pm EST the same day. Bids can be placed via Facebook message or by emailing us at We will update the bid history every couple hours throughout the day - more if necessary towards the end of the auction.

Thanks for looking.