Saturday, April 4, 2020

3V Goshawks Ready to Fly

As Covid-19 bares down on North Carolina, Scott has been focused on getting us ready to shelter in place. We have fresh meat in the freezer and a small garden in the works, but that hasn't stopped him from churning out some knives too. Eight Goshawks are the fruits of his workshop labors, while cherry tomatoes, lettuce, mustard greens, and onions have been planted and are doing well so far. Sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, pole beans, and corn will be planted soon.

The Goshawk is a bird and trout designed for folks who liked the Piranha but wanted a full sized handle. Perfect for everyday chores and processing a wide range of game, the Goshawk is available in shaped wood and shaped or scalloped Micarta.  Pictured below from top to bottom are Curly Maple, American Chestnut, and Curly Koa.

Made from CPM 3V, a rust-resistant high carbon steel, 
3V Goshawk blades hold up extremely well with minimal care. 

While presentation grade wood is hard to beat when it comes to beauty, Micarta is hard to beat when it comes to hard use. Micarta is an excellent choice if you tend to be a bit abusive to your knives, and shaped and polished Micarta has a beauty all its own - Black, Green, and Maroon.

Scalloped Micarta is the most tactile handle option we offer. These work especially well when butchering animals as the texture helps you maintain grip in slippery situations - Green & Black.

3V Goshawk
Steel: CPM 3V
Finish: Belt
Overall Length: 7.70 inches
Blade Lengh: 3.25 inches
Handle: Wood or Micarta
Sheath: Leather with metal clip

All Goshawk sheaths are leather and attach with a secure clip by Discreet Carry Concepts. 

Goshawks are available on our website now. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. 

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